Friday, October 30, 2015

It hurts

As days goes by, it hurts
When the time flies, it hurts
When her tears fall, it hurts
When she sleeps at night, it hurts
When she walk alone, it hurts
When she talk, it hurts
When she eat, it hurts
When she think, it hurts
When she say she's okay, it hurts
When she dream all night long, it hurts
When she say it hurts, it really hurts.
"Her legs are still strong, walking way further than before and even if the hurt is still there, she can't feel anything anymore as she threw away her whole heart and now she's living without it every single day"  

"When the one you love, you treasure, you hold and never want to let go, disappear, left you with no regrets. They gave up on you as if you were the one who messed up. What you'll feel is the loneliness, emptiness, disappointment and hatred every single day you live your life and that is how deep the hurt is!"

"When the memories you had was not precious, was not valuable and was never in their mind. It was just you thinking of it, appreciating it, loving it and treasuring it every single day but they left everything. This is when you'll realize how stupid you were and the hurt gets even deeper!"