Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Life, hard for all of us,
Love, hurt all of us,
Pain, made us strong,
Hurt, changed us,

That is why no one will ever be the same person, because all of us go through all that and we will never ever get a chance to be the same person we were.

I miss myself so much, but i know there's no chance for me to find the 2014 version of myself. If i am given a chance to go back to my past, i will never ever want to know what is love and i don't even want to learn how to love or what is love. My life would turn out to be better if I've never knew what was love and how did it felt.

Whatever that we've been through in life, the pain, the sadness, the hurt... we will have to live with it forever. It will always be with you throughout your whole life. I am ready to go through life with all that because i know I'm strong enough to go through it.