Sunday, June 19, 2016

sri's next chapter pui pui pui

I think one of the reasons, why I feel happy these days, its because I start to appreciate every single thing in my life and I go through shit and stuff calmly (not saying im not emotional anymore. Im still the sri the emotional sri) but this time I handle things with a set of inhale&exhale and a count from 1->10.

Im not trying to say that im matured enough but its a whole new growing up process & in my understanding its the "nextlevel" of my life..
I named it "Sri'sNextChapter".

urmm...I am really excited to go through shits again, not because I think I can handle it. Its just that urmm.....I want to analyse myself, I want to know my weakness and capabilities.

Im really grateful, because I am given a chance to be a better person day by day.. stronger, wiser, happier, and fatter ehhhh :p
And of course without You Ya Allah, I will never be as strong as I am today.

Pengalaman mendewasakan kita, and that is why I am who I am today.. "Sri look at your language!"
Bukan nak kata apa tapi memang I like to mixup my language, well actually not many people yang boleh speak like this tau. Malaysians blh la, orang Canada takboleh! So siapa yang rasa dia tu Malaysian, speak like this la weyh, takde sape nak saman kau pun. Rileks okay rileks.

#SriMasihEmotional #TapiDahKurang #Stronger #Wiser #Happier #FatterLikeAlways

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